What You Should Know About Antony “Ant” Hampel

You will often find Antony Hampel at the front or at the background of some of the well-known events across Australia. His tall stride is inspiring, and his creative zeal always makes people who look at him say – what is he thinking? “I am always thinking about events.”, says Antony “Ant” Hampel, whose unique panache towards event organization has made him grow. Over the last two decades of his career, he has helped Fortune 500 companies, governments, and some of the greatest artists in the world.

“For that, I am eternally grateful”, says Ant, highlighting his gratitude towards the things the universe had placed before him. By all accounts, he should be elated, resting back and basking in his success. But he doesn’t. “There is always more to learn”, he said, and there is always more to do. This statement shows his desire to grow his creativity and help others around him continuously. But what made him this way?

Early Upbringing

How Antony “Ant” Hampel forged into the man he is today, who always pursued sensory storytelling through his events, can be traced back to his parents. George Hampel and Suzanne Hampel are creators in their own right. From a very young age, every concert his parents visited, and every music-related event they introduced to him started to fuel his creativity.

Add to the fact that Antony’s grandfather was a classically-trained musician, also helped his cause.

“We knew Antony was different”, George Hampel said, stating that his love for music and creative things outweighed his need to invest in academia. “Academia was necessary for him, but artistry is where he needed to focus to reach greatness.”

And Ant was the happiest when given a chance to hone his creative side, and he pursued it in a different way. Attending events, his focus was not only on music but the peripherals that surrounded the artists. Enamored by how every event flowed together, he decided on a different career path. Rather than being a master of the art, he would manage artists and create events that showcase to people that artistry has no boundaries,

Defining His Career in His Own Way

Antony had everything a child need when growing up and more. He had all the comforts and the right springboard that could have propelled him to stardom in the event management industry from its early days. “But achievement only comes through learning”, admits Ant Hampel. Which is why he took a different career path. At 19, he landed a job at Triple M FM. Working his way around the corridors of the radio station, he listened and absorbed everything. Every interview became a lesson, and every audience request turned into a way to understand the people.

It wasn’t long before his predisposition to promotions turned him into a Promotions Manager, the youngest one at that.  It would be the first record he broke, but it wasn’t the last.

Being a Promotions manager came with a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of freedom to reach out to network with people. It was here that he once again directed his creative gears towards hosting radio shows and appearing on Television. But even though he was successful, he was missing something.

“Organizing and marketing events have always been my first love”, Antony Hampel admits. “The thrill of enticing people with experiential marketing is unparalleled.”

From that point, his name started to go big inside Australia’s social scene. He slowly started to gain renown as one of the most hyped event makers in the region; his company, Alive Events, became a foundation of the Australian event scene. The buzz he got created more opportunities for him, and with each opportunity seized, a new record was broken every time.

In 2022, Alive won the Best Agency Award for being the most innovative agency in the country. Part of the region behind it was his dedication to sensory storytelling and his altruistic tendencies.

2021 – A Crucible that Redefined Alive Events Agency

While managing events has always been Antony Hampel’s first love, it is his dedication that pushed him to express himself in several ways. He also delved into advertising, helping companies find a foothold at a time when it was getting increasingly difficult to get customers. In 2021, his company started Alive TV, a streaming service that provided a platform for advertisers to create brand awareness. The goal was simple: helping companies who were struggling with lockdown reach their prospects through virtual means.

This method was apt, and it allowed many companies to stay afloat during lockdown when ways to establish a flourishing business were few.

Due to his dedication and the creative way he was able to handle the qualms of lockdown in 2021, he was awarded the APAC Australian Enterprise Award for Agency of the Year. This led to virtual product launches becoming a norm and digital experiences a new way to interact with the audience.

Creative Process – Do Not Pursue What’s Easy

“If it easy, there are two possibilities – either you have reached that limit of what you could have learned, which should make you proud. Or, the task is not worth doing”, states Antony Hampel bluntly about his creative approach.

Learning is everything, according to him, and every event he organizes is a way for him to interact with the human psyche and understand the market. But his quest for knowledge isn’t his own. Recently, he has also started to focus on social enterprise, youth trading, and charity.


Antony Hampel’s vision is to make Alive Events the biggest in the event industry across the globe. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. He longs for the day when digital experiences backed by sensory storytelling become a norm and new opportunities become open for event makers across the world.

A world where there is an interplay between digital and physical events to create a learning and unforgettable experience – that’s what Antony Hampel is looking for. And that’s why, when you find him gazing at the stars and lost in thought, know that he is looking for more venues to learn and grow.

Antony Hampel Reddit

What sets Antony Hampel apart from other event organizers in Australia is his eye for detail and his penchant for absorbing information from anywhere. Reddit, being a social media platform where you can find the most well-preserved information, has been one of the core informational sites for Antony Hampel.

antony hampel reddit

The quirky comments, lengthy discussions, and community engagement – are some of the defining factors of Antony Hampel’s Reddit page. One look at the page is enough to tell you not only of Antony’s achievements in the field of event organization but also how people are engaging with his content.

Witnessing the images and posts of events organized by national and international brands engages the audience there. Many ask – what does it take to create events like these?

Combining Creativity with Practicality

Antony Hampel’s Reddit page is the same den of creativity and practicality that Reddit is known so much for. Tapping into what makes the social media posts on this site tick, Antony’s Reddit page offers many answers – each reflecting his real-life experiences when creating these events.

The key, according to Antony Hampel, is merging theatrics with practicality. “No matter the vision of a client”, he says, “there is always a practical way to do it”.

Clients’ visions about an event can take outlandish routes – many of them seem inaccessible, and some of them are – but most of them are doable, according to Antony Hampel.

“You have to understand the core of what the client actually wants”, continues Antony Hampel, stating that it is an event organizer’s duty to help customers understand their own vision.

“Getting to the root of what the client’s original vision is, helps the clients realize what they are looking for.” Antony Hampel emphasizes that the visions only seem ‘outlandish’ because the right communicative aspect of the event is missing.

“Once communication is settled, the client’s vision is refined,” he says. That allows the creative vision to land on an accessible plane, on which making that vision real comes within the realm of possibilities.

Taught by Experience, Moved by the Desire to Learn

Antony Hampel has been in the event management industry for the last 25 years. Starting early at the tender age of 19 in triple M FM, Antony Hampel let his ambition to achieve perfection in his craft guide him throughout his formative years.

“My first company was the result of that drive,”  Antony says. “There was so much going on in my mind that I realized that I can only make them real if I can do them myself”.

Think Creative was the name of the said company, which became one of the most popular in the world thanks to Antony Hampel’s relentless pursuit of creativity.

However, it wasn’t until Alive Event Managements that his vision came alive, and he could finally follow the concept of theatrical meets practical.

To this day, Antony Hampel continues to move forward with his desire to learn. And we, the Alive Event Management team, are here to help him.

Focusing on Teaching to Create a Dynamic Team

‘A person’s dynamism can only create something of value if he has a team behind it’, believes Antony Hampel. And to ensure that his vision of creating events that meet every benchmark of the industry is realized, he created a dynamic team of professionals.

Consisting of designers, event producers, marketers, artists, and logistics professionals, this team focuses on key aspects of Antony Hampel’s vision – creativity, dedication, and helping the client to get closer to their vision.

This team is instilled with 25 years of experience that Antony Hampel has distilled and imparted to them. Together, they have created, will create, and continue to create events that change the game for everyone.

Antony Hampel Reddit Encompasses These Values

All the experience that Antony Hampel has gained, and the events he has organized, and all the lessons he has to teach those who want to get into the Event Management industry can be found on Antony Hampel’s Reddit.

By focusing on engagement, he talks to his audience, and by focusing on providing value, he creates posts that give people insights into the event management industry.

Reddit has always been a den of quirky facts combined into digestible bits that people can enjoy. Antony Hampel is leveraging it to create an ecosystem where people can also get inspired.

Ant Hampel Podcast

Antony Hampel, sometimes known as Ant Hampel by those who know him, has led a very simple and eventful life. After starting out in his early 20s as a carrier akin to a roadie for a TV channel, he pushed forward to create his own event management company. Over time, as his experience grew, his company’s value increased across Australia. His impression across the country has been so good that many wonder if an Antony Hampel podcast exists.

Every year, thousands of events happen in Australia, most centered around Sydney and Australia. There are only a few among them who have not heard about Antony Hampel, a techno-centric event management specialist who, with his eye for detail, and respect for clients, creates events that are memorable across the country and the globe.

Ant Hampel Podcast

Antony Hampel Early Career

Antony Hampel started his career in his early 20s. And as his network grew, he decided to go his own way in 1999, which led to the emergence of his first Events Management Company – “Think Creative Events.” A simple and memorable name, this company was then sold off by him after a few years.

Antony Hampel then made an encore with his new company – Alive Events Agency. This company’s focus was different. The goal is to make creative and logical decisions during high-profile events for product launches, brand activations, award shows, and other ceremonies.

What Would Antony Hampel’s Podcast Talk About?

If Antony Hampel were to have a podcast, he would have talked about his achievements throughout his career. His work with Lewis Hamilton, AC/DC, Kylie, President Bill Clinton, and other illustrious clients would have become the topic of his early life saga. But being an event manager is not his only professional identity. Even though he has even organized an award-winning event for Prince, he has also diversified into other ventures.

From 2013 to 2014, he was a consultant to the board of directors at Banksia Foundation. He also worked with Kiss 100 FM as an event and concert manager for two years.

And not just that. Antony Hampel has been a part of many nonprofit organizations as well. He has designed events for them so that the maximum number of disadvantaged people can be helped. The NGOs he has worked for include Red Cross, Mirabel Foundation, Open Family, and many others.

Rescuing Businesses From the Brink of Ending in 2021

While the earlier trials that forced Antony Hampel into seclusion made people think that he might not come back again, 2021 saw him make an encore in a big way. That year, as you all know, was a challenge of epic proportions. People’s houses were lost, and companies were going under. The forced “locked” down also disrupted the event management space – in both right and wrong ways.

Those who couldn’t adapt to the changes saw their wealth disappear. As many companies only relied on people coming to the events physically, there was no demand for such institutions. That resulted in a massive dissolution.

However, the pandemic also had a positive impact. It helped create an ecosystem in which virtual events became a thing. As a result, we saw the emergence of multiple webinars. And amidst this, Antony Hampel made a comeback with Alive TV, a content creation platform that will stream B2 B and B2C events directly to people. Companies in Australia finally had another way to reach out to their customers and thrive, even during a time when the financial status of the country was far from being fine.

And then, as a token of appreciation and as recognition of his efforts, Antony Hampel was rewarded with the APAC Australian Enterprise Award for Agency of the Year.

So, What Would Antony Hampel’s Podcast Be About?

From starting as a 20-year-old event specialist to an award-winning entrepreneur, Antony Hampel has overcome a lot in life. And his latest ventures surrounding Alive events can become the best subject of his podcasts. These may include.

  1. Helping organizations through events – His approach to helping organizations through events. His event-centric approach has resulted in many businesses being able to stand strong even during trying times. Particularly his digital events have been beneficial for businesses that found themselves locked in during the pandemic.
  2. Aiding the Australian Government – Many of his services have been concerned with him helping the Australian government organize certain awareness campaigns throughout Sydney and other regions. He once was able to organize 28 events in record time, which to many, has been an inspiration to this day.
  3. Non-Profit Organizations – Some events by Antony Hampel have an altruistic touch. These events were to accrue donations for non-profit organizations to help people.

Much of these have been covered in the Events Sessions, Episode 1, where Antony Hampel, along with Peter Jones, Chris Richardson, Hatem Saleh, and Anne Jamieson, discuss the changing trends in the events industry and what it takes to create a high production value.